Each individual has his/her own journey when it comes to pursuing ones dream. This journey does not consist of solely a beginning and an end. The part in between those is important as well. Many people cannot forget the experiences that they have encountered before they would be able to reach their end goal. There are of course the happy and unforgettable experiences but, bad experiences and hardships will always be there. Fortunately, some people have a capability called resilience to be able to get back on their feet and continue their journey towards success.

Patrick Orate or mostly known as “Slim” is a 23 years old rapper who is born and raised in Baguio City. Slim started being inclined in music specifically Hip hop because of his cousins who he consider as “Hip hop heads”. During his elementary years, he already knew what he wanted for himself and that is rapping. His first record was when he was in high school. His friends called for him so he could record his own song. Upon learning that he was being called to record, he thought to himself, “Ito na ‘yun pwede na akong mag-kwento” Slim said.

Unfortunately, his first recordings were “whack” Slim said, but that did not stop him from doing what he loves. “Nahihiya ako” “Kinulong ko sarili ko, sulat ako ng sulat” Slim said. Instead of giving up, Slim found ways to improve himself. He continued writing songs and would let other people listen to what he has composed. He believed in himself once again as he started receiving comments such as “Okay ito ah” that pushed him to do more. “Babalik ako ng malakas” Slim said.

Since then, Slim has been composing, recording and producing his own music. He still trains himself by listening to other rappers, observing their skills, taking notes and applying what he has learned to improve his skills. “Everyday is a learning process” Slim said, even if he improved a lot compared to his first recording, he still takes time to learn and become a better version of himself.

Slim also struggled before becoming who he is now, “Nauubusan ng slot”, “Papatayan ka ng mic”, “Kapag hindi ka kilala, hindi ka pagbibigyan” Slim said. Despite these, he went through these struggles because of his passion for Hip hop and because he wanted to tell his story to the people. Slim’s family are supportive of what he’s doing however they sometimes doubt him because they know the difficulty in making it through the music industry. But according to Slim, hardly generating income is okay as long as he is able to tell his story for many people to relate to.

According to Slim, he fell in love with Hip hop because it was a way to express one’s feelings, emotions and even opinions or thoughts about certain issues. Slim’s music is about himself, how he started, how he failed. “Bagsakan, Paangasan, Bars”, “Focus sa tao” Slim said. He wanted to focus on the people because he wants his music to reach out to those who are struggling. “Suot namin iyong sapatos ng sabay” Slim said, he relates to the struggles of people and would like to be the voice of those who can’t express how they feel.

Slim was able to do collaborations with Bono and HYZ. He was able to record and produce music entitled Hindi pa Huli ft. Bono, Huwag ft. HYZ and Balang Araw.

What is Slim’s advice to future rappers? “Convert negatives to positives”, if Slim quit because he failed the first time and did not take other people’s criticisms well, he would not be where he is now. “Maraming tao na gusto kang pakinggan” Slim said, there are those who will refuse to listen to you but always remember that there will always be people who are willing to listen to your music and support you as well. “Keep it real” Slim said, do not be someone you’re not. It’s better to be real so that people will acknowledge and appreciate you for who you really are.

Through Triadic Events and Promotions, Slim hopes that many artists such as himself will have their big break. He also sees this movement as a way for artists to do what they really want to do in life and reach out to as many people as possible.

Slim would like to acknowledge Trill Audio, Pine Cone 2600, and Danger Close Production-Tugmang Armado Bad Boys.