The rise of music genres such as Hip hop, RnB, Metal and even K-Pop is becoming popular in this generation as more and more audience follow these music trends in the society. Despite those genres being patronized and listened to, there are still musicians who prefer to stick to the classics such as the Indie Pop and New Wave genre.

Indie pop is defined as a sub-genre of indie rock which is described to be more melodic and angst-free. New wave on the other hand is a genre that incorporates music styles that were popular in the 1970’s and 1980’s. Luckily, a local band in Baguio City still carries the Indie-pop and New Wave genre as part of their identity as it has been their trademark since 1995 which lead them to their success in the present.

The Edralins was formed by lead vocalist Bong Manansala. “Bata palang ako hilig ko na ang music” Bong said. Bong joined and won singing contests when he was in elementary and high school and with those experiences, he thought to himself, “May potential pala ako”. He then formed a band in high school together with his classmates but according to Bong, it was just for fun.

During his college years, he became serious with forming a band. After which, The Spaceflower was formed with his siblings as his band members. Since Bong was a student, he had to balance his studies and his band which his parents strongly opposed. “Walang pera diyan” they used to tell him but Bong and his siblings still played music and hid it from their parents.

Doing two things at the same time was not easy for Bong as his band was also struggling because there were no gigs available that kept them looking for one. Fortunately, Bong was able to graduate and focus more on his band. The Spaceflower eventually disbanded and changed members overtime until The Edralins was formed in 2009.

The Edralins came from Bong’s second time “Edralin” which still maintained its identity by playing Indie Pop and New wave music. “Unang salang namin sa industry nahirapan kami” Bong said, they have received criticisms such as “Madumi” and “Manipis” but took those criticisms as a challenge. The band also struggled as band members kept coming and going which made them adjust every now and then. The band eventually overcame these struggles and is now reaching their peak of success.

Despite earning a degree in Commerce, Bong stayed in the music industry “Nabubuhayan ako, masaya ako” Bong said. According to Bong, he does not regret the talent given to him by God and now, choosing to stay truly paid off.

According to Bong he feels thankful and as he looks back, he remembers how he looked for places and people just to be booked for gigs. Now, they are the ones being approached and are also considered as highly recommended for weddings and other events.

What’s Bong’s advice to future musicians? “Siguraduhin mo sa sarili mo na ang music na gagawin mo ay gusto mo” Bong said. The Edralins stayed with the Indie Pop and New Wave genre which contributed greatly to their success. “Mas malamig pakinggan at mas madaming melodies na pwedeng ilagay sa mga nagagawa naming songs” Bong said, with this mindset, they were able to create music that they have a passion for and performed well with those genres.

Ituloy mo, huwag kang mahiya. Huwag kang matakot sa mga batikos sayo. Tanggapin mo as a challenge” Bong said. If the Edralins did not take criticisms well and did not have the courage to look for gigs and simply gave up, they would not be where they are now.

The Edralins have already released three albums namely Friends and Lovers, Wow Kalabow and Pop All U Can. They also released five singles namely Yosi Beer and Jennifer, Giliw Ko, Ang Mundo, Pangako and Kulang ang Oras. You may listen to their music on YouTube and these are also available on Spotify.

With the help of Triadic Events and Promotions, The Edralins hopes to make its name known even outside the country through sharing their passion for music and promoting the Indi Pop and New Wave genre.

Watch The Edralins as they will be the opening act of The Wildswans’ vocalist Paul Simpson on October 19, 2019 at Ocada Manila.