The music industry has been giving many opportunities to people who enter this career path. However, unlike other industries, the music industry does not give each and every one the assurance of success. Some decide to quit, some decide to choose a different career path but some still choose to stay despite the odds of becoming successful.

Jay Z, Lil Wayne, and Drake are examples of music artists who doubted and literally started from the bottom before reaching success. Their stories are truly inspiring because even with every struggle they have experienced, they chose to stick with their passion.

Carl Marty Panopio or more popularly known as “Carltoon” is a local Hip hop artist of Baguio City. He is 28 years old and owns and runs a poultry farm. Even when handling his business, he still continues to create and produce music.

Carltoon’s interest in music specifically Hip hop, started when he was in high school when he had friends who were interested too in music. Not long after this, their interest in music did not simply become an interest, it became their passion.

“Comfortable ako sa Hip hop” Carltoon said, he chose Hip hop as his genre because there’s a different vibe that Hip hop music gives off which is different from other genres. This vibe made him stick with Hip hop and as he became comfortable with the genre, he started making his music.

He started recording in 2012 in a home studio. According to Carltoon, the music he created were about positivity, love and peace. His songs serve as a support that urges people to move forward. Like himself, he would like the listeners to also practice their passion and push through with it even when they encounter tough times.

Carltoon was able to produce songs entitled “Forward” ft. Aj, “Just” ft. Monsoon”, “Yiee”, “Tadhana” ft. Aj, “Salamat” ft. Chizuru, and “Click” ft. Monsoon. His music is also played on

“Masaya ako sa ginagawa ko” Carltoon said. He stayed in the music industry because even if he hasn’t reached his peak of success after years of trying, he loves music and loves what he’s doing. Carltoon advices future artists to continue doing what they love and to not let other people get in their way.

Through Triadic Events and Promotions, Calrtoon hopes that more local artists would be discovered and that they could showcase their craft not just in Baguio City but in the Philippines as a whole.

Carltoon would like to acknowledge Cyrus Milo, Egar Macatulad, Renel Cacho, Nica and AJ Castillo, Calvin Gali, Jeo Diño, Cyril Pidazo Shallen Masilan, Karen Minerva Seda, One Roof, Six Side and One mic.