Being a solo artist has a lot of benefits. You will be able to get things done your way and avoid conflict; you will get full recognition for your work and performance; you only need to worry about yourself and things become simple. However, there are also perks for group artists. You will get more work done; there would be more suggestions and ideas for the improvement of the group; and the most valuable of all is the bond, experience and friendship formed between group members which is something to cherish and remember.

C135 is a Hip hop group with members: Vincent Maliones whose rap name is VTRK; Jensen Suanding with rap name, Jensen Fivers; John Dominique Pistola whose rap name is Jay Pistol; Charles Michael Laruan with rap name SKAR; and Tristan Jules Balacoa with rap name, STAN.

C135 name came from the group CBS who was famous for street art or graffiti. The group adapted its name, however, turned it into a different version for a fresh start. The current occupations of the group members are varied. Some are tattoo artists; the others handle their own clothing lines; and the rest are full-time artists.

Common interest in music had motivated the group to bond and click. It all started at a house party. After spending more time with each other, they finally decided to become a Hip hop group. Hip hop has become the group’s genre because of its uniqueness. It has a different vibe as there is more freedom in expressing one’s feelings.

The members of the group relate their personal experiences with Hip hop and wish for their listeners to hear their stories. Besides their personal experiences, the group address social issues through their music. People would take their music as a medium for their unheard voices.

C135 also had their share of struggles. People have looked down upon them; they have been rejected a number of times; they lacked opportunities; they had little equipment to use for their recordings; the people around them do not understand the purpose of what they are doing; and they had struggles as individuals such as mental health issues and vices.

Despite these struggles, they were able to get through because they consider the group as their foundation and strength. According to them, without the group formed, some would still be struggling with their mental health. Some would have stayed along with their vices and some may have not received any support.

Through the Triadic Events and Promotions, C135 would like their music to be known and be recognized so that more people would understand the purpose and message of their music. They also hope that other artists would have their turn in sharing their talent and music for people to listen to as well.

C135 was able to produce an album entitled “C135VERS”. In this album are the songs: “EJK”, “Dear Regrets”, “Dito sa Pinas” by STAN, “How We Ride” and “Alpabeto” ft. Alyastiben.

C135 would like to acknowledge Hiwaga Clothing, Trad. Clo, Bass Head Crooks, Trip Audio (Cram Ustari), Sick Side (IDS, DSC, and CPT), Line Vera/Notski, Kray Etnik and the group’s relatives.