Triadic is a marketing and events coordination group which was founded in 2012 and holds its headquarters in Baguio City, Philippines. We take pride in our work, with our years of experience in enhancing the professionalism and profitability of member businesses through effective representation, proper branding and marketing.

The vast industry of Events and Promotions have been helping people market what they can offer to the public which generate income but most of all, build connections that help people and communities as a result. The downside of this industry is that it comes and goes, it does not mark its name in the community to permanently help the people in need and the priority is basically generating income.

Triadic Events and Promotions is not your typical Events and Promotions Company. Established by three entrepreneurs namely Mark who is currently an entrepreneur and had been in the Events and Promotions Industry from 2007 up to 2012, Chad an entrepreneur by nature who specializes in food and beverages and currently owns a bar in Baguio City and Ruzzel a well-known photographer and videographer who also operates events such as weddings and debuts and  recently handled a campaign and provided shoots and photos to boost the campaign. For them, Triadic Events and Promotions’ purpose is not for generating income, it’s so much more than that.

The word Triadic means relating to people or things and because three people brought this company to life, it suits the name perfectly. This came to mind over a year ago and is now on the process of making its name here in Baguio City and soon all-over Northern Luzon.

Events and Promotions is just the tip of the iceberg, Triadic Events and Promotions has so much more to offer. The main goal of Triadic Events and Promotions is to promote local artists, writers and singers for them to improve and showcase their craft. Mark, Chad and Ruzzel have experienced being local artists in the past therefore were able to observe and experience first-hand what it was like. Lacking support from the government and not being able to be promoted or marketed for more recognition on their talents caused the local artists to be underrated.

Part of Triadic Events and Promotions’ goal is to help micro-entrepreneurs promote their businesses which would result to an increase their sales and revenue. TEP would also reach out to government and non-government organizations to be able to help the community. Starting with Barangays which is the basic foundation of the government of Baguio City, Triadic Events and Promotions would like to extend their help by sharing their knowledge in business, marketing, and promotions, donating goods that would be of use to the community and be a helping hand to organizations that are in dire need of support.

Why choose Triadic Events and Promotions? When you choose Triadic Events and Promotions you also choose to give back to the people, the community and the city that helped you and will help you again in the future.

Join Triadic Events and Promotions in its first step towards development through a rave party entitled “Requiem” on October 5, 2019 at Decades Restaurant and After Hours Joint Bar. This event highlights performances from most of the successful local artists in Baguio City including the famed Ashley Rivera also known as “Petra Halimuyak” who has been performing locally, nationally and internationally. Requiem aims to give opportunities to these local artists to be well-known and showcase their craft. For more inquiries you may reach us at